Workouts for When You Really Don’t Have Time

“I have no time” is the common excuse we all use when we don’t feel like working out. Even when you’re not in the mood for exercising, these short fitness videos will inspire you to do a quick workout and feel better immediately.

4-Minute Arm Toning Workout

This easy and quick workout is great for activating and toning your arm muscles. Don’t make any excuses because you can easily finish this workout at your office desk in only four minutes.

5-Minute Fat Burner

We all have five minutes to spare during the day, so why not do this intense cardio workout that will help you get your heart rate up and burn some calories?

5-Minute Morning Energizing Workout

Do this five-minute workout instead of drinking your morning coffee and start your day energized. These five exercises will wake up your body and prepare you for the day.

6-Minute Ab Workout

No need to spend every day in the gym to get those perfectly sculpted abs you’ve always wanted. Do this short, but intense ab routine with Pamela Reif on a regular basis and you’ll notice the results.