Yoga Lovers Have to Check Out These Chic Activewear Brands

Yoga lovers can shop for the same workout clothes as everyone else, but what if you want to find activewear that feels extra-special, created with your favorite wellness routine in mind? There are many brands out there that specialize in yoga-focused activewear and these are some of the very best.

Manduka Yoga

Manduka Yoga offers pretty much everything a passionate yogi would need for their workout—and we’re not just talking about activewear. They also offer a wide range of yoga mats, towels, bags, and several pieces of equipment.

Yoga Democracy

If you’re a fan of fun and colorful prints, Yoga Democracy is the brand for you. Their eco-friendly activewear will put a smile on your face and get you excited for your next yoga class.

Beyond Yoga

What we love about this female-founded brand is the comfort and the inclusivity they offer. In addition to having several inclusive sizes in store, Beyond Yoga also offers maternity and menswear lines.

Alo Yoga

No conversation about yoga activewear brands can be had without a mention of Alo Yoga. Their leggings and sports bras have become so popular that Alo Yoga managed to establish itself as one of the leading activewear brands in general, not just in the world of yoga.