You Can Now Work Out to “Ice Cream” By Selena Gomez and Blackpink

Selena Gomez and Blackpink gave us one of the most talked-about collaborations of the summer with “Ice Cream” and their fans aren’t the only ones going crazy for this song. Fitness influencers feel the same way and some of them already shared amazing dance cardio workouts to the beat of this catchy tune.


We can always count on MadFit to give us great workouts to the latest smash hits, and “Ice Cream” was no exception. This full-body workout targets several muscle groups in just three minutes and it’s especially great for your legs and glutes.

The Fitness Marshall

If you need a little bit more encouragement to get you through your workout, this video will be just the thing for you. It’s just as intense as MadFit’s dance cardio clip and it’s so high-energy that you’ll want to keep listening to “Ice Cream” long after it’s over.  

Teagan Dixon

Dixon is pretty new in the world of fitness, but she already gave us several amazing dance cardio videos. Her “Ice Cream” workout will help you tone your arms without using any equipment and it’s perfect for fitness newbies.