You Have to Try These 2021 Fitness Trends

Image via viki2win/depositphotos

This year is the perfect opportunity to prioritize your health and fitness. Instead of exercising because you have to, these fun fitness trends will help you look forward to working out this year. While these workouts may not be new, they’re super popular now. So throw on your cutest workout gear and start implementing these exercises into your routine.

Roller Skating

All of the hottest influencers are already doing it, so why not transport back to your childhood and throw on some skates? Skating is a great workout, as it uses every muscle in your body and it’s a low-impact workout than anyone can do.


Running is one of the oldest sports in the book, but this past year, people starting logging more miles after gyms and studios across the country closed. Running also happens to be one of the cheapest exercises because all you need is a good pair of shoes.


The rebounder, a small trampoline, has become super popular and it takes up very little space. Jumping on a trampoline is not only fun, but it helps to up bone density, tones muscles, and increases balance.


Yoga helps ease anxiety and can build flexibility, especially after sitting at a computer all day. Go ahead and turn on a yoga workout video midday to relieve some stress.