You Have to Try This 45-Minute Workout If You Have a Kettlebell at Home

Most people do their home workouts without any equipment whatsoever, but amazing things can happen if you add a couple of basic pieces to the mix. If you happen to have a kettlebell at home, this 45-minute workout by Caroline Girvan will be your cup of tea.

Girvan’s fitness channel is one of the fastest-growing on YouTube, and she’s close to reaching 500,000 subscribers right now. Her workout videos truly allow you to relive the feeling of being at the gym in the comfort of your home, and that’s certainly the case with her kettlebell workout.

Before trying to do this at home, keep in mind that this workout requires a lot of stability and strength of your core. Girvan is using a 10-kilogram kettlebell, but she’s a pro, so it’s recommended to go with a lighter option if you’re still a beginner—and also do some of the exercises at a slower pace.

Girvan did 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest for each exercise, before repeating it for another time. Some of the exercises included in this routine are windmills, halos, dead stop swings, and different variations of squats and lunges.