3 Things to Consider Before Investing in Peloton Bike

Peloton bikes experienced a huge boom in the last few years, but they come with a pretty high price tag. Here’s a couple of things you should consider before buying your own and committing to Peloton’s classes long-term.

Joining a Class

Peloton showrooms are available all over the US, and it wouldn’t make sense to buy a bike without trying one of their classes. Make an appointment in your area, and decide if their classes are something you want to commit to before making a huge investment.

Cheaper Bikes

There’s no doubt that Peloton is one of the most effective indoor bicycles on the market, but most people can’t afford setting aside around $2,000 to get their own. If that’s the case with you, invest in one of the cheaper bikes, or consider paying off your Peloton over a longer time period.

Alternative Classes

Is indoor cycling really the only workout you want to do, or are there any other classes you could enjoy much more? Do proper research before setting your eyes on Peloton, and try several virtual workouts to see which one suits you best.