Alcohol May Be Sabotaging Your Workout, Here’s How

Photo by Drew Farwell on Unsplash

It is no secret that beer is high in calories. However, many people do not know that spirits such as vodka are not low in calories either. Alcohol, generally, is a macronutrient and it contains seven calories per gram. This is more than twice the number of calories per gram found in carbs or protein.

Here’s how alcohol sabotages your efforts at the gym:

Alcohol disrupts your nutrient absorption

Alcohol affects your body’s natural ability to absorb nutrients, and it does so by reducing sodium, water and chloride transport. To lose weight or gain muscle, you need a healthy body as well as organs. This can somewhat be achieved if you gain the right nutrients from your diet and digest them accordingly.

Alcohol disrupts hormonal balance

Drinking affects your hormonal balance. It has an adverse effect on your body’s endocrine system. This causes a lack of communication between the endocrine system, the immune system, nervous system, and circadian mechanism.

The result of this is poor heart health, poor recovery, reproductive issues, immune disorders, and thyroid problems.

Alcohol disrupts sleep

Even though there is evidence that shows that alcohol helps you sleep deeply, but this only applies to the earlier hours of the night. It disrupts sleep later on, and it is required to see more results in the gym.

Also, alcohol makes you sleepier during the day, and your tolerance to its effects can increase with more frequent consumption.