Alo Yoga is the Latest Activewear Brand to Enter the Skincare Scene

Image via aloyoga/Instagram

Taking care of your skin after a demanding and sweat-inducing gym session isn’t an easy task, but Alo Yoga is here to improve our post-workout activewear journey. This cult brand recently entered the beauty and wellness scene with its brand-new skincare line.

Alo Yoga describes its vegan skincare line Alo Glow System as a “cutting-edge, clean skincare powered by amla superberries, nature’s most potent source of antioxidants and vitamin C.” Indeed, they’re filled with products that are meant to soothe your skin, replenish moisture, and ease muscle tension after a workout.

The first drop features a total of seven soothing and nourishing products, ranging from facial cleanser and moisturizer to body wash and radiance serum. You can implement them into your post-workout routine or use them on a daily basis, even when you’re not hitting the gym.

Alo Yoga isn’t the only brand to enter the wellness scene this year. Venus Williams’ activewear brand EleVen previously dropped a sunscreen line, just in time for the summer. We’re expecting even more brands will follow suit by putting an emphasis on skincare and try to find a way to connect it to their business endeavors in the world of activewear.