Awesome Workouts You Can Do Without a Gym

Alternative workouts
Photo by Rainier Ridao on Unsplash

Going to the gym has its pros and cons, but for some people exercising at the gym can be very expensive, time-consuming, or even uncomfortable. In case you don’t like going to the gym, here are some of the best workouts you can easily do at home instead.


Dancing is an amazing cardio workout and it can help you burn up to 450 calories in just 30 minutes. The best thing about dancing is that you don’t need to join a dance class in order to reap its benefits, because you can dance to your favorite music in your room whenever you can.


As you probably already, there are thousands of awesome yoga workouts online that we can easily do from the comfort of our room. Yoga is extremely beneficial for both physical and mental health and you can easily practice it at home.

Jumping Rope

This is another awesome cardio workout you do at home in order to burn major calories in just 30 minutes.


Running is probably the most obvious choice when it comes to effective workouts that you can do outside of the gym. Running is excellent for overall health and burning calories, and all you need to try it are some good running shoes.