Barre Workouts for Achieving Lean Legs at Home

From yoga to Pilates, there are plenty of ways to tone and strengthen the muscles in your legs, but we find that barre workouts are the most effective way to target this area. If you’ve ever seen a ballerina, you may have noticed that their legs often appear incredibly long, and it’s no coincidence that they often spend hours training at the ballet barre. You don’t have to be a professional dancer to reap the benefits of the exercises they practice—barre has taken off as a popular workout in recent years to the point where instructional videos are all over the internet. Here are a few that we love:

15 Minute Lower Body Barre Workout

Move with Nicole is one of our favorite instructors, and she nails it once again with this lower body barre routine. It’s designed to strengthen both leg and glute muscles and can be done with a chair if you haven’t got a barre.

6 Minute Barre Workout for Legs

Short, sweet, and to the point, this video will have you feeling the burn in just a few minutes. It includes targeted movements and ends with a short cardio routine.

30 Minute Barre Workout for Toned Legs

We love this video when we’re looking for a serious workout that covers all of the muscles in the legs and butt. It’s taught by a former professional dancer, so we know it’s the real deal.