Best Pilates Arm Moves You Can Do At Home

The best thing about pilates arm moves is that everyone can do them, at any time and at any spot. These four examples will really help you get rid of the extra fat, while also gaining toned, feminine muscles.

Arm Circles

You can do this while standing up, being on your knees, with or without weights. Start making circles with your arms, then do the same in the opposite direction.

Biceps Curls

The best way to do the curls is with small weights, one in each hand. If you ever feel like you need an extra challenge, simply get bigger weights. You will be moving only the lower half of the arms towards the shoulder.


Planks are not only among the best pilates arm moves, but they are also amazing for the whole body. By getting into a plank position you are working the core, upper body, including shoulders, arms, backs, and a part of your legs.

Upright Rows

Upright rows, or also known as zip-ups are very simple and very efficient. Take the weights in your arms, with the palms facing towards the back. Start bringing your arms up, and the elbows should be pointed outwards.