Best Ways to Put a Realistic Twist on Celebrity Workouts

Spin class
Image by Wavebreakmedia/Depositphotos

Do you get excited every time one of your favorite celebrities shares their workout routine, only to get a major reality check after realizing how difficult it is to achieve? You’re not the only one, but it’s possible to try following celebrity’s workout routines without getting disappointed if you these three steps.

Gym Choice

Equipment-free workouts aren’t very common with celebrities and many of them even have well-equipped home gyms. Spending a fortune on gym equipment isn’t achievable for most people, but you can always choose a local gym that offers the machines required to copy celebrity workouts.

Pick and Choose

Just because your favorite celebrity swears by a certain workout routine, it doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy it just as much. Give it a try and keep an open mind, but don’t force yourself to repeat the parts of the routine that you don’t enjoy.

Know Your Goals

Celebrities often embrace a rigorous and intense workout routine because their job requires it. You’re not preparing for a movie role or a series of live performances, so there’s no need to go all the way. Know what your goals are and figure out if copying celebrity workout routines can help you achieve them.