Build Your Glutes with Bulgarian Split Squats

If your lower-body workout is getting dull and you want to try something new and break your routine, it’s time to introduce your body to Bulgarian split squats. This new move will make your glutes work harder and build stronger muscles. Besides that, this exercise is fantastic for building leg strength and balance.

If there are any imbalances between your limbs, this move will help and fix this issue if you do it properly. If you have back pain, this squat is a great alternative to other variations because it lowers pressure on the back.

Buff Body YouTube Channel is teaching you how to do Bulgarian split squat properly in this video. Their tutorial includes all the instructions and it’s always the best to watch and follow.

Coach PJ Nestler YouTube Channel demonstrated the wrong and right way to do it, with all the tips, starting with the right body position so you would train the right muscles.

If you are not able to go to the gym, here is a lovely Heartmybody Fitness YouTube Channel, showing you how to do it at home.