Challenge Yourself with Caroline Girvan’s “Epic Heat” Fitness Program

Screenshot via Caroline Girvan/YouTube

Caroline Girvan is one of YouTube’s top fitness influencers, and her name became synonymous with “Epic” fitness programs. She now found the way to take this challenge to a whole new level with her newly launched “Epic Heat” program.

After launching two separate “Epic” programs, based on the way she trained herself and her clients, Girvan decided to start another one and she’s asking us to join her and turn up the heat.

“The ‘Epic Heat’ program is based on 5 workouts throughout the week involving strength, endurance, and high intensity. Workouts targeting all major muscle groups to build a strong body, improve the overall level of fitness and most importantly feel epic,” she explains on her official website.

Girvan will be sharing the workout videos from her “Epic Heat” program over the course of ten weeks, and they’ll be around 30 minutes long. She recommends putting aside some time for warm-up and cool-down before and after each workout. Judging by what we’ve seen so far, they all focus on different muscle groups. In addition to a yoga mat, some exercises also call for the use of dumbbells and yoga blocks.