Chloe Ting Wants to Help You Get Shredded Abs This Summer

If you love workout challenges as much as we do, Chloe Ting is probably one of your favorite fitness influencers. She encouraged us to take our workout routine to the next level on countless occasions in the past, and one of her latest challenges is here to help you get shredded abs just in time for summer.

As a part of this challenge, Ting shared a ten-minute ab workout that features a total of 17 exercises on her YouTube channel. This routine includes several different variations of planks and crunches, flutter claps, roll-up toe taps, twist punches, and many more moves.

This ab workout is the essential part of Ting’s “Summer Shred” challenge, but it’s not the only one. She also shared another 10-minute routine that targets glutes, a separate 10-minute workout for abs and arms, and a full-body HIIT workout that can be completed in 20 minutes.

You can do several different workouts in a day to get the best results, and a quick warm-up and cool-down before each session is recommended. Ting shared a full plan for her “Summer Shred” challenge on her official website, and you can follow it to get the beach body of your dreams.