David Beckham’s F-45 High-Intensity Circuit Workouts are as Epic as it Gets

David Beckham in 2018
David Beckham in 2018. Photo by South Beach Photo/REX/Shutterstock (9342716x)

David Beckham’s soccer-playing days may be long behind him, but that doesn’t mean his fitness routine is no longer impressive. The iconic English athlete is still fully dedicated to his workouts, and he’s staying fit thanks to the high-intensity circuit program at the gym chain F45.

Beckham joined forces with the celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson to design a class based on the training methods he used to stay in shape. It consists of 11 moves, each done for 2 sets for 2 rounds, and even Beckham himself admits that the workout is super-intense.

“I could never keep up with the level of the workouts I was doing when I was playing professional football… Some of these movements, I haven’t done them since I was a player. So when I was in the London studio doing this … at the end, I said, ‘I need to apologize to everyone that was in this class with me’ because it was so hard,” the soccer icon told Men’s Health.

Beckham also told the magazine that he’s tried cycling, lifting, and many other workout routines since retiring from professional football in 2013. He decided to go back to the gym because he’s not good at training on his own and needs a community environment to feel motivated.