Get A-List Fitness Experience With Pamela Reif’s Celebrity Workouts

Pamela Reif found such a huge success as a fitness influencer that she’s somewhat of a celebrity in her own right. She even managed to convince several celebrities to join her during her workouts, sharing some amazing A-list fitness videos with the world.

Jason Derulo

It’s no secret that Jason Derulo’s workout routine is pretty epic and he had a chance to show us his progress in this workout video. He joined forces with Reif for an eight-minute, equipment-free HIIT ab workout, choreographed to the beat of his own songs.

Michael Bublé

Bublé teamed up with Reif while promoting his new music in Germany and they filmed an amazing beginner-friendly workout together. You don’t have to be a fitness pro to enjoy it, and Bublé’s songs “Sway”, “Higher”, and “I’ll Never Not Love You” give this video a carefree and relaxing vibe thanks to their slow beat.

Joel Corry

Reif’s channel is overflowing with workout videos that show her joining forces with some of the world’s leading DJs and Joel Corry happens to be one of them. This workout is choreographed to the beat of some of Corry’s best collaborations and it puts focus on the upper body and abs.