Get in Shape This Holiday Season with Heather Robertson’s The Daily10 Challenge

Screenshot via Heather Robertson/YouTube

The 30-day fitness challenges can be difficult to stick to, but Heather Robertson just created one that’s impossible to give up. She recently kicked off a fitness challenge called The Daily10 on her YouTube channel which asks for just ten minutes of your time per day.

Robertson started this challenge for people who are either short on time, trying to get back to working out, or want to add a little extra to their current daily workout.

“I know firsthand that sometimes it’s really hard to find the motivation or the energy needed to power through an hour or even a 20-minute workout, but if you can commit to just a quick 10 minutes a day, you may just find yourself more energized and more motivated to keep going,” explained Robertson at the beginning of her video.

She recommends doing a warm-up and cool down before and after each session because the videos are too short to include them. If you feel like you’re in the zone and want to continue working out after 10 minutes are over, you can pair these short sessions with other workouts on her channel.

The first two workouts in The Daily10 challenge targeted the upper and lower body, but that’s just the beginning and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store.