Get to Know the Top Fitness Influencers of 2020

As many people turned to home workouts this year, fitness influencers had their moment to shine. Many of them built an even stronger following in 2020 and inspired millions of people to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. These are the ones everyone’s talking about.

Michelle Lewin

With almost 14 million Instagram followers under her belt, Michelle Lewin is definitely the world’s most popular fitness influencer. Her home workouts are really amazing, but her down-to-earth attitude is one of her biggest strengths.

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STOP✋🏻DON'T MOVE… And GET FIT! -What?🧐 But… how? 🤨 Here's the deal: Your muscles are for obvious reasons used to constantly moving, and if you move MORE or add WEIGHT, with to those movements you either burn fat or grow muscle or, at times, both. So your muscles are NOT used to lengthy static movements. Parents when they carry the baby tend to grow the biceps. If you leave the grocery store and carry heavy bags to the car, you need to keep those bags a bit away from the legs and you shoulders get really exhausted. So your body constantly need changes in the workout schedule for best results. Here is a routine or circuit you can do, and it's ALL static, or at least almost static. This is not how you should train every day, but sometimes switch out your day to this, or maybe combine full range movements with static: So here we go, this is an insteresting way of training. Between each workout, pause 10-15 seconds and then move on to next. 1️⃣30-45 seconds 2️⃣20 seconds per leg 3️⃣20 second per side 4️⃣30 seconds per leg 5️⃣35 seconds 6️⃣30 seconds . ✅If you prefer this as circuit (all exercise in a row, then start over): 4, or if you still have energy: 5 ✅Routine: Do every exercise one by one 4 times before moving on to next exercise. ✅Leggings: “Cellulite-NO-show” by @one0one_101 -And YES, you may very well combine these workouts with any other lower body workout I have posted here (and even better, with the workout plans I have in the app FITPLAN, feel free to download from my website and try my workouts FOR FREE 7 days. -Get it and let's have some fun! You… and me!💪🏻👍🏻😘 . Video @maitieproductions

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Jen Selter

Selter’s Instagram page is an amazing source of inspiration for gym enthusiasts. Her passion for fitness, positive attitude, and amazing home workouts transformed her into one of the world’s most recognizable fitness gurus.

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is the first person many people think of when someone mentions the term “fitness influencer”. She’s co-founder of the Sweat fitness app and BBG program. The reason why so many people love her is the fact she’s always keeping it real.

Ana Cheri

Ana Cheri found success as a model and fitness influencer on several media platforms, including Instagram. She even started a separate workout page and her own activewear brand Cherí Fit.