Great Chair Workouts For Exercising at Home

Image via YouTube/Joanna Soh Official

Even if you don’t have a fancy home gym and equipment there’s plenty of ways to exercise at home. One chair is often more than enough to do an effective workout from the comfort of your home. These chair workouts below will help you tone your body, burn calories, and improve your flexibility.

Chair Cardio For Fat Loss

Burning calories and fat while sitting on a chair sound impossible, yet this is exactly what you’ll do if you follow along with Caroline Jordan and does this cardio workout on a chair.

30-Minute Toning Chair Workout

This 30-minute workout will help you tone muscles and burn calories and the only prop you’ll need to do this workout is a chair. In case you were looking for workouts that are suitable for small apartments this one is perfect because it’s low-impact, which means there’s no jumping.

Chair Yoga – Yoga For Seniors

Adriene Mishler created this soft and gentle yoga chair sequence that is perfect for anyone who is looking to improve mobility or stretch muscles after hours of sitting. This yoga is suitable for seniors and even for people who want to stretch during a lunch break.