Heather Robertson Will Inspire You to Try AMRAP Workouts

Screenshot via Heather Robertson/YouTube

AMRAP workouts became a huge hit in the last few months and they’re being embraced by gym aficionados who want to push themselves to the limit. If you’re struggling to come up with your own workout, head to Heather Robertson’s YouTube channel right away.

How it Started

The popular fitness influencer recently shared her own take on AMRAP workouts and it’s everything we wanted and more. It takes 20 minutes to go through the whole routine, which includes four different circuits with four exercises that have to be performed for eight reps each.

“Repeat this circuit for as many rounds as possible within 5 minutes! Move quickly but stay in control of your form and your movements. Work at your own pace and challenge yourself!” explained Robertson in the YouTube description of her AMRAP video.

How it Works

She kicked things off with squats, push-ups, full-body crunches, and jumping jacks before moving to more demanding exercises. The second circuit includes different variations of planks and squats, while the third consists of lunges, bicycle crunches, and burpees. Robertson finished things off with push presses, push-ups, and speed skaters before cooling down.

The best thing about this routine is that you can use it to target several different muscle groups and get an epic full-body workout in. Dumbbells and an exercise mat are the only pieces of equipment that you’ll need along the way.