Here’s How Often You Should Be Washing Your Water Bottle

Photo by Maria Di Lorenzo on Unsplash

A reusable water bottle is one of the most important gym essentials, but most people aren’t washing theirs as often as they should. Stick around if you’re not quite sure how often you should give your water bottle a proper scrubbing.

Regular Washing

Washing your reusable bottle on a regular basis may not seem necessary since they only hold water, but you should actually do it every day. Germs thrive in moist environments, and not cleaning up your bottle on a daily basis will give them a chance to grow.

Cleaning Method

No matter what type of a water bottle you’re using, cleaning it every day is a must. You can clean yours inside a dishwasher, but if you’re scared it will be damaged in the process, washing it by hand is always the safest choice.

Rinsing your bottle with water isn’t enough, and make sure you’re using soap and hot water along the way. Pay extra close attention to nooks and crannies in the cap, and consider using a weak vinegar solution if you haven’t washed your bottle in a while.