Here’s Why You Should Avoid Detox Diets

Detox diets
Photo by Mariah Hewines on Unsplash

Detox is a popular word in the diet culture that stands behind the idea that our bodies need to get rid of toxins on a regular basis. It was never truly proven that “detoxing” your body can prevent diseases like it was once believed, yet the idea is still popular today.

What It Is

Detox is actually a medical term that means cleaning the organism from poisons like alcohol and various drugs. Dietary detox is usually harmless but doesn’t really have any real effect on your body.

Being Cautious

Your body is a complex mechanism that has its own ways for removing toxins, mostly through your kidneys and liver. Most of the so-called detox products (waters and juices are the most common) are nothing but diuretics that will make you empty your bladder more often. The most they can do is help your body get rid of water and salt, and the effect will only last until you hydrate your body again.

Detox beverages are also believed to be good for neutralizing free radicals in your body thanks to their antioxidant content. Your body can create enough antioxidants with a healthy diet and your body will remove the extra amounts through the kidneys. You can’t use more than your body needs, and there’s no evidence that detox juices can help you boost immunity and “detox” your internal organs.