“Hot Girl Walk” is TikTok Trend That You Need in Your Life ASAP

TikTok has given us many fitness trends over the years and some of them are more worth trying than others. “Hot Girl Walk” is the latest craze to take this social media platform by storm and you literally can’t lose anything by giving it a shot.

TikTok user Mia who goes by @exactlyliketheothergirls originally came up with the concept of “Hot Girl Walk” and it didn’t take long for it to become a TikTok sensation. This trend is all about using your walk as a tool to welcome some positive vibes into your life.

“A lot of people are thinking that the hot girl walk is about weight loss, but it’s not. The biggest transformations are the ones that start internally,” explains Mia.

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What separates “Hot Girl Walk” from any regular walk is that you should spend your walk thinking about three things: what you’re grateful for, what your goals are, and how hot you are. It’s the perfect time to destress and encourage yourself into patterns of positive thinking, instead of letting everyday worries creep in and cloud your mind.

Mia recommends walking for four miles while listening to an inspirational podcast or a motivational playlist, but this is more of a guideline than a rule. It’s up to you to find your own version of “Hot Girl Walk” and create the routine that suits you.

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