How Does Fitness Influencer Kayla Itsines Fuel Her Workouts?

Image via kayla_itsines/Instagram

Kayla Itsines does it all—she’s the co-founder of the Sweat app, creator of BBG, and a mom. She also happens to be in incredible shape and she credits her eating habits which have stayed consistent over her career.

Rather than count calories, restrict herself, or follow diet plans, she swears by a balanced Mediterranean-style diet that includes lots of vegetables, meat, fish, olive oil, pasta, lemon juice, and herbs. So what does this look like throughout the day?


Kayla believes in the importance of breakfast, “I usually wake up hungry, so the first thing I want to do is eat, not train,” she told Women’s Health. “I want to make sure that I have enough fuel in my body to be able to work out.⁣⁣” Her breakfast includes two pieces of toast with olive oil, anchovies, tomato, and olives with a Turkish coffee.


To maintain her energy levels, she eats salad with brown rice, tuna, vegetables, spices, and a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing. Kayla makes sure to have vegetables with every meal and a protein.


Between meals, she’ll have tuna and crackers, fruit and yogurt, watermelon, and veggies with dips. The influencer makes sure to listen to her body and if she’s hungry, she’ll have a snack.


Kayla eats an early dinner with her family that’s a Mediterranean feast with lots of different dishes. The foods usually include two different meats, salads, vegetables, and bread or rice.


Kayla doesn’t avoid any food group, so desserts are part of her diet. She enjoys chocolate, Greek cakes, and fruit.