How Often Should You Work Out?

Have you been hitting the gym every single day, but haven’t noticed any results? Pushing yourself beyond the limits is not always the answer. So many men and women are still not sure how often they should work out. It all depends on what you’re striving to achieve. There is no right or wrong answer, just a general idea of what is healthy for you.

If You Want To Lose Weight

It doesn’t really matter what kind of workouts you do, as long as you remember to have two days off. Beginners should start with two to three workouts per week, while gym rats can go up to five times a week. Those two days of rest are very important for the body to recharge. Focus on cardio exercises, but combine them with weights and strength workouts as well.

If You Want To Gain Muscle

If you want to gain muscle you should work out several times per week as well, but focus more on strength exercises. That does not mean you should neglect cardio completely. Stick to two cardio sessions per week and three with weights.