How to do Lizard Pose and Why It’s Good for You

Stretching after a workout is so important, and most people tend to forget about hips. Including lizard pose into your after-workout stretching can help you open your hip flexors and gain flexibility and mobility. It’s very likely that your hips are the least flexible part of your body, but if you work on them, you can improve the overall fitness level, posture, and many other things. The lizard pose is one of the best things you can do in that sense.

Start from a modified runner’s lunge pose. Put one of your knees at a 90-degree angle and extend the other leg behind you. Bend at the waist and bring the same-side shoulder against the front-bending leg, below the knee. Bend the elbow and, if you can, touch the floor with your forearm. Hold for half a minute and release. Repeat two more times and switch sides.

If you can’t reach the floor with the forearm when you first try, give yourself time. You can modify the exercise and keep your palms on the floor or use a yoga block to rest your hands or forearms on.