How to Keep Your Workout Clothes Clean and Fresh

You’ve probably noticed that keeping your gym clothes clean and fresh is a bit more difficult than regular clothes. That’s totally understandable because we tend to sweat a lot at the gym. These simple hacks will help you keep your workout clothes fresh and odor-free at all times.

Don’t Leave Gym Gear in a Hamper

A hamper is a dark and moist place, perfect for bacterial growth. When you toss your sweaty gym clothes into the laundry bin and leave them for a couple of days, that smell is only going to get worse. Make sure to dry your clothes before leaving them in the hamper.

Air-Dry the Clothes

Bad odors rise with temperature, so drying your fitness gear on medium or high heat in the dryer is probably not the best idea. The best way to keep you clothes fresh is to let them air-dry.

Wash Them Inside Out

All the bacteria, dead skin, and sweat are on the inside of your tops, shirts, and leggings. That’s why it’s best to turn your gym clothes inside out before washing them, so there’s a better chance of eliminating bad odors.