Isa Welly Will Make You Fall In Love With Pilates

Screenshot via YouTube/IsaWelly

Exercising at home has become extremely popular during the pandemic and thanks to YouTube fitness trainers this is now easier than ever. Isa Welly’s YouTube channel is worth checking out if you love working out at home, because she created an awesome pilates routines that will help you stay in shape. Here are just some of her amazing workouts.

Morning Pilates Workout

Squeezing in a workout first thing in the morning is the best way to start your day. This easy 20-minute morning routine will help boost your energy levels and stay productive the entire day.

Barre Pilates Workout

Barre workouts have been rising in popularity over the last couple of years, because they’re fun, great for burning calories and toning your body. Try this 20-minute barre pilates workout to feel like a dancer.

Feel Good Pilates

Even when you’re tired or in a bad mood, exercising can help you feel better and boost your energy. This pilates routine is perfect for those lazy days when you’re not in the mood for intense workouts but still want to stay active.

Pilates For Toned Abs

We’re all dreaming about having those perfectly sculpted ab muscle, and this short pilates routine will take you one step closer to this goal.