Iskra Lawrence Details Her Post-Baby Fitness Journey

Iskra Lawrence is one of the many celebrities who gave birth this year, and motherhood changed every aspect of her life—including her fitness routine. The British model recently discussed her journey with PopSugar and explained how her workouts changed as her priorities shifted.

Lawrence mostly relied on HIIT workouts in the past, and she used to be pretty rigorous about her schedule, but that’s no longer the case. Her workout plan differs every week, and she’s one of the latest celebrities to embrace the P.volve fitness method, rooted in functional movement.

Lawrence told PopSugar that she felt insecure about her fitness level, and she needed to “find something that helps me feel welcomed” after giving birth. P.volve proved to be the perfect fit, and she usually does postpartum-friendly sessions at home with her trainer Celestine Atalie.

Lawrence’s fitness journey has been filled with ups and downs even before she gave birth. After years of dealing with body dysmorphia, she finally found a way to break the cycle and stop working out solely for aesthetical purposes.

“Working out feels really good, and I feel really great after. I get accomplishment, fulfillment, and energy, and that’s what I want to focus on,” she told PopSugar.