Kate Hudson’s Trainer Shares Secrets Behind Her Viral Sled Workout

Kate Hudson at the Baby2Baby Gala in 2019
Kate Hudson at the Baby2Baby Gala in 2019. Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock (10470639il)

Kate Hudson is one of the celebrities who enjoy sharing their workout routine on social media. Her most recent workout video shows her performing sled pushes and her trainer Brian Nguyen shared the secrets behind this intense workout with Shape.

The viral #hudsonsled video shows Hudson squatting down, gripping the push sled, and pushing it forward while running low to the ground. This workout tool is a regular part of her fitness routine and Nguyen shared several videos of the Fabletics founder doing this exercise.

Nguyen recommends doing sled pushes and pulls once a week because they’re a full-body workout that activates several muscle groups at once. The celebrity trainer is a huge fan of this exercise because it’s great for separating the legs and hips, while also working your legs.

Despite their many benefits, sled pushes are just one tiny part of Hudson’s routine. The 43-year-old actress is a huge fan of dancing, but Nguyen is trying to add more strength-building exercises to her routine to help her be stronger in everyday life.

“She’s learning more about what muscles she’s recruiting. Strength is a combination of mobility, stability, tension, agility, and cardio. A lot of the work we’re doing now focuses on all of that,” Nguyen told Shape.