MadFit Prepared a Workout Plan You Can Use to Get Fit This January

Maddie Lymburner of MadFit is one of YouTube’s leading fitness influencers, and her workout videos are pure gold. She prepared a special surprise for her subscribers in 2021—an epic one-month workout plan you can do throughout January.

In the video description detailing her new fitness plan, Lymburner said she’s really excited to share it with everyone, and she’s hoping her subscribers will come together as a community and complete it together.

“We are stepping into the new year with a 1 MONTH WORKOUT PLAN! This is a workout calendar designed to keep you motivated and give you structure & routine! It’s the perfect introduction step to reaching your fitness goals,” wrote Lymburner on YouTube.

Her fitness plan for January mostly consists of workout videos that she recorded in the past, but she’s got a couple of surprises prepared. Thursdays will be dance cardio wild card days, and she’s giving everyone a chance to pick a dance party workout of their choice. She’s also planning to record five brand-new workouts this month that will be included in this fitness calendar.