MadFit Will Help You Take Your Glutes to the Next Level With Her Squat Challenges

MadFit is one of YouTube’s most popular fitness vloggers, and her workout videos are fun and effective at the same time. That also happens to be the case with her squat challenges, and here are three that you should try ASAP if you’re trying to take your glutes to the next level.

100 Rep Squat Challenge

If you want to take things easy and kick things off with a basic challenge, this one is the best fit. It features 100 reps, but MadFit made sure to make it as dynamic as possible. She added five different variations of squats to the mix, that can help you tone your glutes and thighs.

200 Rep Squat Challenge

If you’re already a squatting master and doing a five-minute workout simply doesn’t do it for you, try this challenge because it’s double the trouble. It features 200 reps and MadFit included even more exciting variations in this challenge.

300 Rep Squat Challenge

MadFit’s ultimate squat challenge includes 300 reps, and you should only try it if you truly mastered the art of doing squats. It will give you a major calorie burn and help you tone your glutes and thighs in just 15 minutes.