Melanie Griffith’s Latest Workout Video is Surprisingly Intense

Melanie Griffith. Photo by Richard Shotwell/Shutterstock (9189610gt)

Many of our favorite veteran Hollywood stars are doing a great job staying in shape in their golden years, and Melanie Griffith is leading the pack. Her dedication to her fitness routine is truly impressive, and she rocked our world with her latest workout video.

The Working Girl star is no stranger to sharing amazing training videos with her fans, but she recently took things to a whole new level. In one of her latest Instagram posts, she can be seen using rolling handlebars to do forward-sliding pushups, before switching to even more intense exercises on a resistance machine and chest press.

Griffith credited celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson for helping her get in shape and revealed they work out together three times a week. She added that she’s “determined to stay fit at 63” and she’s doing such a great job because she has Peterson to push her and make her laugh.

Judging by the smile she had on her face throughout the video, Griffith is truly enjoying her routine, and that’s something we should all aspire to. It also comes in handy to have a personal trainer who understands your fitness journey, and the Oscar-nominated actress found that in Peterson, who’s been by her side for almost a decade.