Partner Yoga Videos Perfect to Mix Up Your Workouts

Are you looking for fun new ways to work out? Do you have a partner or friend with whom you’d like to spend a little more time but feel like it’s just too difficult to squeeze into your already busy schedule? Partner yoga may be just the thing for you! In partner yoga, two people work together to practice poses that can increase flexibility and strength in the physical body. The practice is also a great way to reconnect and strengthen emotional bonds, as many poses require that partners support and trust one another. If this sounds like you but you’re not sure about whether to up for a class, here are a few videos you can try at home.

SUPER Fun Partner Yoga Poses!

This partner flow by Taylor Wray Yoga features gentle stretches and simple, easy-to-hold poses. It’s perfect for beginners or anyone looking for a way to unwind at the end of a long day while connecting with a loved one.

Partner Yoga FULL CLASS

If you’re already used to working with a partner and want to try a longer, more challenging flow, we recommend this 50-minute class by Zach Beach Love. It includes deeper stretches and balancing poses with longer holds followed by a nice, long savasana.


We love this 20-minute flow by SarahBethYoga whenever we’re in the mood to get out of our comfort zones and try something a little more playful. It features some fun AcroYoga poses while still being simple enough for beginners to follow.