Pool Yoga is an Amazing Exercise Year-Round Exercise

The great thing about yoga is that you can easily adapt it to your level of fitness and the results you want to achieve. Some people use yoga to lose weight and tone their bodies, while others find it great for relaxation. Yoga’s even great for helping you cool down during the hot summer months if you do it in a pool.

“Pool yoga harnesses the resistance and buoyancy properties of the water to create a non-impact, total-body workout, that ups your calorie burn, increases muscle tone and flexibility, and improves your circulation. It also reduces inflammation, muscle and joint pain, and post-workout soreness,” certified yoga instructor Sue Gisser told Popsugar.

According to Gisser, water can absorb as much as 80% of your weight, which gives you more movement and it takes the pressure off of your joints. This will allow you to work out longer and harder and ultimately achieve better results in less time.

You can try pool yoga in one of the group classes if they are available where you live. If you can’t find a group class, just go to any public pool and try it out. Feel completely free to design your own flow and change it as you progress.