Should You Exercise When You are Sick?

Every active, exercise-enthusiast has asked themselves, Should I workout when I am sick? It’s difficult to answer this question because there are many factors. First of all, it depends on the person. It also depends on how sick you are. We rounded up all the basics so you can decide if you should hit the gym when you are sick.

Everyone gets sick at some point of the year, but does this mean you should lay in bed and wait for it to be gone? If you’re struggling with a light cold, we think you should stick to your workout routine, but do it with less intensity.

If possible, it is best to exercise at home because it’s best not to infect others. You don’t want your fellow gym members to catch what you have.

If you are feeling really sick, we recommend that you stay home and rest. You don’t want to cause your body additional stress, which can prolong the healing process.