The Best Sneakers for Your Workouts

If your workouts have a little bit of everything, you need sneakers that are versatile. This is where the cross-trainer sneaker comes in. These sneakers grip the floor and have sufficient traction, stopping you from sliding around. Here are the best cross-trainer sneakers for your workouts.

The Cloud X 3

The Cloud X 3 sneakers are great for all types of workouts because they are really supportive and have high shock absorption. This brand behind the shoes creates sneakers that are light and flexible for strength training as well as cardio.

Hylete Circuit II Cross-Training Shoe

The Circuit II Cross-Traning sneakers by Hylete are the most supportive and they come with three insoles that you can swap out depending on what activity you are doing. They’re really comfortable for every workout and have cushioning in all the right places, protecting your feet at all times.

No Bull Wild Rose Trainer

No Bull sneakers are really popular in the cross-training community and they come in a variety of styles and colors. You’ll even want to wear them out of the gym. There’s a guard plate which is a 360-degree shield around your foot, so they’re a little bit stiffer than other sneakers, but just as versatile.