The Best Tips for New Road Cyclers

Even if you’ve been riding a bike your whole life, deciding to start road cycling as a sport is a big decision that requires preparation. Aside from owning and knowing how to ride a bike, you’ll need a few more things that are just as essential.

Choosing a Bike

Road biking gives you an opportunity to explore your surroundings while getting in shape, but the first step is to choose the right bike. There’s no single model that works for all, which is why this step requires some research on your side. You can find plenty of information online or you can ask for advice in your local bike shop. Consider your budget and the track you’ll typically ride.

Safety and Other Equipment

Right after picking a bike you need to get a helmet. It’s non-negotiable and you’ll be very thankful for it if you end up falling. You’ll also need lights and a flat repair kit as a bare minimum. Next, think about bike shorts and other clothes.

Plan Your Route

When you’re first starting, it’s a good idea to stick to the roads you know and not go too far from home. As you gain confidence and get on longer rides, you can go further and further. If there’s a chance, go cycling with someone and share the moments in nature. Biking with a friend or family can be an amazing bonding activity!