The Power of Microgreens

Photo by Russ Ward on Unsplash

You might be thinking, what are microgreens? It’s actually exactly what it sounds like! It’s the miniature versions of vegetable greens. These plants are grown specifically to be harvested just after the first leaves sprout, because it has a more concentrated flavor and higher nutritional value. Microgreens are a great addition to your diet because of this.

Depending on which microgreen variety you eat, the nutritional values will vary. With that being said, each one will have anywhere from four to six times the amount of nutrients as the mature version of the vegetable or herb. Some of the most popular microgreen varieties are spinach, basil, kale, and broccoli. 

Microgreens are great additions to your diet because they are so easy to add to any meal. You can put them in salads, sandwiches, or even as a garnish to dishes. Who doesn’t want an easy nutritional boost to their meals? 

Although they are typically a bit expensive, many people argue that the price is worth the gains you get from eating them. If you can’t get past the price tag, you could even try growing your own! Since they are harvested in the seedling stage, you won’t have to wait long for them to grow.