The Surprising Benefits of Training in Cold Weather

Indulging in some outdoor training during cold winter months may sound like a crazy and impossible idea. However, working out in cold weather has more benefits than you might think. Here are some of them.

Improve Your Mood

We know that finding the motivation to exercise on these rainy or snowy days and cold weather can be pretty hard. But keep in mind that as soon as you get moving your energy levels will increase and you’ll be in a great mood.

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COLD WEATHER WORKOUTS❄️ Some of y’all asked about cold weather workout tips at the beginning of the year, but there hasn’t really been cold weather here in NC for me to talk about😂 (I could give some good tips on rainy workouts though😜) • 1. LAYERS. My go to’s are a long sleeve (not 100% cotton), light pullover, and ear warmers. I tend to wear less cold weather gear because I warm up quickly. I also don’t wear gloves, but like my sleeves to be longer. Find what works for you! 2. LOCATION. It doesn’t have to be outside! Go to a gym or do an at home workout. Invite some friends to join you! 3. FUN WORKOUTS. If you wouldn’t want to do it in perfect weather you probably aren’t going to want to do it when the weather isn’t ideal. 4. LAY OUT YOUR CLOTHES. It’s easier to get something started when step 1 is already done. (It’s also easier to say no when step 1 isn’t done) 5. PERSPECTIVE. You don’t have to, you get to —>one of my favorite mottos from @jsimsfit ,and @apositiveyogi just had a great post on this too! Exercise isn’t punishment for what your body looks like, it’s a celebration of what your body can do! I ran an audio guided 5k with @coachbennett this afternoon and he asked what the purpose of the run was and my first thought was “to enjoy the snow!” Take a moment in your workouts to be grateful for how your body can move! 6. SOLID WARM UP TIME. Ok I was going to stop at 5, but then I remembered the importance of a solid warm up! When it’s cold, your body is going to take longer to warm up, so add a few more minutes warm up time to prevent injury! • What are y’all’s cold weather workout tips? #thatfitcook

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Burn More Calories

Our body needs to work even harder to regulate its temperature in cold weather and as a result, we burn more calories when working out in colder environments.

Boost Your Immune System

Whether you’re working out outside or inside, regular physical activity is the best way to boost you immune system and reduce the chances of catching a cold or the flu.

Get Vitamin D

Shorter days and less sunshine are linked to Vitamin D deficiencies and the best way to avoid this is to spend more time outside during the winter months.

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💘 POSITIVE MIND 🧠 Affirmations positives Des phrases qui vont nous permettre de penser autrement. Exemple : je suis grosse, je suis mauvaise pour le sport. Les affirmations négatives maintiennent dans une position d’échec, on y croit et on ne fait pas l’effort d’en sortir car nous croyons que c’est impossible. Les affirmations positives permettent de changer votre méthode de penser et de croire en vous. La première étape est de prendre le temps d’analyser les pensées négatives que vous avez sur vous ou sur votre façon de voir les choses. Proposez-vous des pensées alternatives. Par exemple : je suis grosse je suis mauvaise dans les sports —> je souhaite perdre du poids mais je n’ai pas encore trouvé la bonne méthode, je n’ai pas encore trouvé un sport qui me passionne pour lequel je voudrais m’améliorer. Ces pensées alternatives vous amènerons à être plus positif et relever plus de défis. Ça l’air niaiseux hen ? Mais ça fonctionne 🤪😌 ________________________________________ 2. Positive affirmations Sentences that will allow us to think differently. Example: I am fat, I am bad for sports. Negative affirmations keep you in a position of failure, you believe in them and you don't make the effort to get out of them because we believe it is impossible. Positive affirmations change the way you think and believe in yourself. The first step is to take the time to analyze any negative thoughts you have about yourself or the way you see things. Come up with alternative thoughts. For example: I am fat I am bad at sports -> I want to lose weight but I have not yet found the right method, I have not yet found a sport that I am passionate about that I would like to improve on . These alternative thoughts will make you be more positive and take on more challenge. Does that sound silly hen? But it works 🤪😌 . . . . . . . . #outsideworkout #gym #workout #freestyleworkout #motivation #training #health #startsomewhere #sport #healthy #healthylifestyle #muscle #exercise #weightloss #gymmotivation #ExerciseTime #FitJourney #WorkoutTime #HomeWorkout #WorkoutAtHome #NoShortcuts #Photoshoot #inhaleexhale #breathe #Boho #positivequote #positivevibes

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