These Exercises Will Help You Lose Love Handles

Almost no one loves their love handles and everyone wants to find the best way to lose them. Regular ab exercises are not helpful when it comes to this issue, so you’ll have to make a little change in your workout routine. Here are a few moves that will help you burn those love handles.

Toe Touch Cross Over

Follow Stephany Acosta from the eHowFittnes YouTube channel while she gives you many advice and instructions on how to do this exercise properly.

Olympic Bar Twist

The movement you create is very effective in the area you are trying to lose, so follow Bella Santos’ instructions to do it right.

Bosu Ball Oblique Crunches

The ExpertVillage Leaf Group YouTube channel has a great explanation video with expert Amy McCauley for this oblique crunches exercise.

Bosu Ball Crunch

Rachel Sasha’s video on the Howcast YouTube channel is the perfect way to get great abs and to put an end to those love handles once and for all.