These Yoga Poses Will Help You Fight Headaches

Migraines and headaches are conditions of the modern day. Everyone is affected by them, but sometimes pills are not the answer. There are several different yoga poses that will help you deal with headaches in a very fast and efficient way.

Happy Baby Pose

The happy baby pose will do exactly what it says in its name. This is a simple exercise that will relax your neck, therefore release the tension and improve the blood flow. You will feel instantly better and refreshed. A great alternative is to do small swings to the right and to the left.

Standing Forward Bend

What looks like such a very basic yoga pose can bring your whole body so many benefits. By doing a forward bend your whole body is stretching and eventually, you forget about the headache. Relax the head and neck while you’re bending.

Eagle Pose

It doesn’t matter if you do it only with the arms or legs and arms combined. This pose targets back and shoulder muscles that can help relieve pain.

Child Pose

This is another pose that improves the blood flow to the head. Make sure that both the neck and the head are not tense but in a comfy state. Start practicing deep breaths to properly enjoy the benefits.