Three Evening Rituals to Help You Sleep Better

Sitting at a desk for many hours every day is definitely not good for your health. Constantly sitting can cause back pain and increase the risk of some diseases, like heart disease. Additionally, staring at a screen all day long can make you tired, but also decrease the quality of your sleep. Here are three evening rituals to practice if you want to sleep better and reverse some of the effects of sitting at screens.

Eye Cream

Being exposed to blue light from the screens can make your eyes tired which can lead to wrinkles around them. Gently apply eye cream to clean skin and relax your eyes before going to bed.

Eye Exercise

There are easy movements you can do that will help your eyes rest and relax after staring at screens. Try switching focus from near to far by holding your index finger in front of your nose then moving it slowly away while keeping the focus on it, then move it back towards your nose. Relax your eyes and repeat several times.


You only need 10 minutes to stretch with basic yoga poses and your body will thank you for doing it. This is the best thing you can do before you go to sleep.