Top 3 Body Positivity Lessons That We Learned From Selena Gomez

Celebrities are often blamed for setting unrealistic beauty standards, but some of them are trying to keep things 100% unfiltered and real. Selena Gomez is one of the A-listers who never shied away from openly discussing her health and fitness journey, and here are some useful body positivity lessons she taught us.

Ignore Negativity

By all accounts, Selena Gomez looks perfect and her body shape is unachievable for many women, but that’s not stopping people from criticizing her. She’s dealing with this problem by simply ignoring negative comments because people are constantly telling her she’s “too big” or “too small” no matter how she looks.

Don’t Fake It

Gomez was recently praised for being a body positivity icon for sharing a hilarious video where she refuses to tuck in her stomach and said that “real stomachs” are coming back. This video went viral at the perfect time and reminded us that it’s okay to just exist in your body during the summer months when everyone is trying to achieve the perfect “bikini body”.

Put Your Health First

Gomez was famously diagnosed with lupus and received a kidney transplant in 2017. She’s been very open about her fluctuating weight ever since, but she’s not putting pressure on herself to look the same way she did when she was 19 because her physical and mental health comes first.