Try This 3-Day Flexibility Challenge From Fitness Blender

Image via YouTube/FitnessBlender

Have you ever looked at all these crazy-flexible yogalates instructors, wishing you could bend and twist your body like they do? Well, you’re not alone. And there are definitely some things you can still do to make your dream of becoming hella flexible come true.

Other than joining a regular yoga or Pilates class, which is a great option in itself, there’s also some amazing content online to help you bend your body in crazy cool ways!

One great option to start your journey to flexibility is Fitness Blender’s 3-day flexibility challenge, made up of three 30-minutes videos. Each video has a different focus with slightly different benefits, and they are all educational, fun, and completely free. Also, you need zero equipment. According to Kelly from Fitness Blender, the routines in the challenge are meant to help increase flexibility, range of motion, toning, and stress relief.

Ready to start, then?

Day 1 is all about feel-good fluid stretches. Start easily with some simple, basic stretches of various kinds, standing up, sitting, and lying down.

Day 2 provides a great blend of yoga and Pilates postures. Leg and hip lifts, warrior variations, cat-cow poses, and other great exercises are in store.

Day 3 is focused on static stretches for flexibility and range of motion. Stretch out your arms and legs, bend forward and backwards and feel that sense of expansion in your body.