Welcome Spring with Sydney Cummings’ Energy Workout Series

Spring is just around the corner, and we’ll all need a little push to embrace a new transition to our workouts going forward. Sydney Cummings kicked off March with a brand-new “Energy” workout series that will give you just the push you need as the new season lurks on the horizon.

Cummings started this challenge shortly after finishing her previous “Crush” workout program and launching her own workout apparel line, and here’s what “Energy” has in store.

“This program is designed to keep your fitness engaging and fun to make it is a priority with fun new workouts for strength and cardio, and lots of variety in your workouts to keep you motivated through each of our workouts in this program!” she explains on her official website, where you can access the calendar for the full program.

Cummings kicked things off with a 30-minute upper body giant set workout, but you need a set of dumbbells to join her this time around. She switched between 15-pound and 25-pound dumbbells in this workout, but you can opt for a lighter set if this seems like too much.

This is just the beginning of her “Energy” challenge, and we’re expecting she’ll share a series of intense exercises targeting full-body and different muscle groups in the next few weeks.