We’re Pumped for Sydney Cummings’ Latest Workout Challenge

With one million subscribers and counting, Sydney Cummings is one of YouTube’s most popular fitness gurus. Her workout videos are always worth waiting for, and she’s currently helping her fans stay fit through the newly launched PUMP program.

The main goal of Cummings’s latest challenge is to show people how to build some lean muscle and work on their strength no matter what equipment they have. She enjoys adding dumbbells to the mix, but each video includes modifications for resistance bands, and you can also perform them without any equipment.

Cummings will be sharing new workouts throughout November, and she kicked things off with a 30-minute full-body sweat workout. It includes everything from squats and bicycle crunches to plunks and lunges—and things get just more intense from there.

Workouts in this series range from 40 to 50 minutes so far, and you can use them to target different muscle groups and tone your legs, glutes, and upper body. Most moves in her workout videos are repeated three times, with 20-30 seconds of rest in between.

Kick off Cummings’ PUMP challenge by giving these three workout videos a shot, and head to her YouTube channel for more if you think they’re the right fit.