What Does it Mean to Be in Shape?

What does it mean to be in shape?
Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash

“Being in shape” is a phrase often used to describe people who are fit and we tend to use it without analyzing it too much, but have you ever wondered what does being in shape actually mean? It’s actually a complex thing that’s different for each of us, and you can be in shape and look completely different from your friend who’s also in shape.

Defying Categories

When we use the words “in shape,” we tend to think about a certain specific shape of body that should be universal for everyone. This, of course, is not possible, as our bodies are very different. The same thing is also called “being fit”, and the definition of it is completely subjective.

It’s often assumed that someone who’s overweight or has any kind of physical disability can’t be in shape. This means that a vast majority of people can’t say that they are “in shape,” just because their bodies look different.

Being Healthy

Being in shape is actually nothing more than being able to do physical things with your body. If you’re satisfied with your ability to run, dance, if you feel good and strong in your body, or if you feel good about the way you look, there’s probably no reason to think you’re “out of shape.”