What Features to Look Out for in Running Shoes

Running shoes are an essential piece of equipment for cardio. They enhance performance, improve foot health, prevent injury, and make your run more enjoyable. But it’s not always clear what features make an optimal running shoe. Here are some things you should consider when buying running shoes.

Toe Length

It’s best if you have a thumbnail length of space at the foot of the shoe for your toes to breathe because your feet swell when you run. You might find yourself buying shoes a half or a whole size larger than usual.

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Supports the Ankle

A common running injury is a twisted or sprained ankle. As you run, a lot of pressure is applied to the ankle joint and it’s important that your running shoes can support it.


The best running shoes will feel bouncy when you take a step. This reduces the impact on your knees and ankles, helps your rhythm, and enhances performance.


It can sometimes be advisable to seek out running shoes that have breathable mesh or a Gore-Tex membrane that protects against moisture, sweat, and cold. This is especially useful if you live in cold or wet climates.